The Event


These are all the activities and modalities you can find at Intercontinental Ceramics.


Sign up for one of our three unique workshops. Our “base of operations” will be the Escola d’Art i Superior de Ceràmica de Manises, where the ceramic workshops will take place.

The particularity of this project is the union of three continents through its
ceramists. Choose between participating in the workshop of Mami Kato (Japan), Annette Schwarte (Germany) or Timea Tihanyi (United States). All workshops have translators in both English and Spanish.


Can’t you attend our workshops in person? Would you like to see our ceramists giving their workshops live and be able to solve your doubts live?

At Intercontinental Ceramics we want everyone to be able to benefit from the lessons of our master ceramists, streaming all the workshops online. We will have a chat through which you can ask questions you want to ask our ceramists.

Sign up now for this modality and enjoy this unique event from home.


The invited ceramists will give an inaugural lecture on ceramics in their countries of origin and the work they are currently doing.

During the event there will be some talks related to technology where several professionals of the sector will intervene.


We will carry out activities in:
– Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias González Martí in Valencia.
– Museu de Ceràmica de l’Alcora and the Real Fábrica del Conde de Aranda de Alcora,
in Castellón.
– Museu del Taulell d’Onda, in Castellón.

In addition to the visits to Alcora and Onda, we will make visits to related entities with the ceramics of Valencia and Manises.


– Experimental firing. Ceramic activity in the open air.
– Performance
– Gastronomic session Ceramic fusion and food.
– Exhibition

Are you going to miss it?

Live this unique event in person or in its absence we give you the opportunity to do it online enjoying the workshops of world-class ceramists from home live.