What is Intercontinental Ceramics?

The fundamental axis of the project focuses on showing the ceramic tradition of different continents through contemporary ceramists.

This initiative is reflected in the first international meeting held in cities united in time through ceramics: INTERCONTINENTAL CERAMICS.

During the week of 4 to 10 March, in Manises, Alcora, Onda and Valencia there will be demonstrations and workshops of three ceramists coming from three different continents. The demonstrations will be accompanied by visits to cities, exhibitions, conferences, performance and other activities that will bring together and share the culture and tradition of different continents.


Manises, Alcora, Onda and Valencia
Comunidad Valenciana, España


Monday to Sunday
March 4th-10th, 2019


Intercontinental Ceramics has the dual task of creating and disseminating online cultural content in order to reach the widest possible audience. To do this, new technologies are essential, so a global platform will be created that will remain active even at the end of the activity, in order to give continuity and be able to offer information about the project, participants, collaborators, … uninterruptedly.

The workshops and activities will be reproduced in streaming on the platform for online registrants, however there will also be open content that can be seen by those interested anywhere on the planet, offering those involved in the project a global visibility.


Intercontinental Ceramics is conceived as a meeting place and exchange of tradition and culture through ceramics.

One of the objectives of the first meeting of Intercontinental Ceramics is to create links with entities and ceramists from different parts of the world in order to itinerate the project annually to other countries.

This will make it possible to visit and get to know new cultures, customs and ways of life each year, generating experiences and links with people from all over the world.

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The event will start in


Meet the ceramists who will hold the workshops


Japanese ceramist trained in Tokoname, currently teaches ceramics workshops in different institutions in Japan as well as held several workshops and exhibitions internationally.

She has specialized in techniques such as Earth pot for his interest in the investigation of the origin of ceramics and its connection with the earth.

He will teach a course of:
Slub building for Japanese tableware, depending on the level of the students we can use porcelain or other material with the Japanese concept of “the beauty of imperfection”.

Facebook – Mami Kato ceramics


German ceramist formed in:
Keramikfachschule Landshut, Germany- College of higher education for ceramics Craft Apprenticeship. University degree in BA (Hons) Ceramics, University of Wolverhampton, UK.
With several exhibitions and international awards.

She will teach a course on:
Experimental printing-techniques on ceramic and working with paperclay. Possibility of biscuit test and demonstration of final glazing.



Timea Tihanyi is a visual artist who lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She holds a BFA in Ceramics from Massachusetts College of Art in Boston; and an MFA in Ceramics from the University of Washington, where she is currently a senior lecturer in the Interdisciplinary Visual Arts program.

She will teach the course:
Sculpture Playground with Porcelain: Cut, Carved, Colored and Assembled.
This workshop focuses on various techniques for combining liquid and plastic porcelain, including working with stencils for carving and piercing, using colored casting slip for inlays, and fabricating with slabs and mold made parts. The sculptural possibilities are endless and can be adopted for functional pottery as well.


Escola d'Art i Superior de Ceràmica

Carrer Ceramista Alfonso Blat, 22, 46940 Manises, València

The workshops will take place at the Escola d’Art i Superior de Ceràmica de Manises.

In addition to the workshops there will be visits, exhibitions, conferences, performance and other activities. The visits to Valencia, Manises, Onda and Alcora in Castellón will be a journey through tradition and ceramic innovation.

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Are you going to miss it?

Live this unique event in person or in its absence we give you the opportunity to do it online enjoying the workshops of world-class ceramists from home live.